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Coffee Tips

Coffee Tips


The flavor of roasted coffee is susceptible to oxidization, sunlight, moisture, and odors. A good place to store a week's supply of coffee is in a ceramic or glass container with a tight seal. I have some glass containers with a lid that has a rubber gasket attached by a metal mechanism. Ceramic and glass have no inherent flavors to be absorbed by the coffee.  Ceramic has the added advantage of keeping out sunlight. Plastic and metal containers are not recommended because they can carry residual odors that can be absorbed by the coffee and change the flavor.

The best place to store coffee is in the refrigerator sealed tightly to prevent exposure to refrigerator smells and moisture. If you need to keep your coffee for more than a week, place the original package in a ziplock storage bag, press the air out it then store it in the refrigerator.

Do not freeze your coffee beans! Storing coffee in the freezer will damage it, since the essential oils will be forced to the surface of the beans, from where they will get smeared around in your grinder and lost to the brewing process.


You should only grind what you will immediately use. Burr grinders produce a more even grind than blade grinders. Conical burr grinders are best because the beans funnel into the burrs, generating less heat which can change the flavor of the coffee.

How much should you grind?
This is definitely a personal preference. Most recommendations are to use two tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of water. Some coffee makers use four ounces per cup while others go for five ounces per cup. I use a 50 cc measurer (equal to 3 tablespoons of liquid) to measure my beans to go into the grinder for my 4 cups of 5 ounces each small brewer.  My girl friend says the coffee is stronger than she does it, but it tastes great.  Of course, I’m using 100% pure Kona coffee so it automatically will taste great!


Ensure that your grinding and brewing equipment is clean and free from residue that might contaminate your coffee. Water with a low mineral content is recommended. Optimal coffee brewing temperature is between 195 and 205 degrees fahrenheit and the brew process should last about five minutes.  French press coffee makers allow you to precisely control your temperature (wait until the boiling water cools a little from 212 degrees) and brewing time.  Very few home-use automatic drip coffee makers will brew coffee at the correct temperature. My Mr. Coffee brewer makes my morning coffee, and I don’t sweat the exact temperatures.  When I use a French press, I find my coffee often to be a bit tepid by the time it has waited the five minutes for the brewing to take place.

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