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Monk’s Delight Kona Coffee
PO Box
Captain Cook, HI 96704


Phone:  808-328-1666

Our website:  MonksDelightKonaCoffee.com


Email address:  info@monksdelightkonacoffee.com

Shipping & Order Policies

Monk's Delight Kona Coffee ships anywhere in the US using US Post Office Priority Mail. According to the Post Office, Priority Mail will arrive in most USA destinations within 3 - 5 days (much faster from a Stateside location, but out here in the middle of the Pacific it takes a bit longer)  of their receiving the package.

Shipping Rates:
Up to 1 lb .... $4
1.1 - 2 lbs .... $6
2.1 - 4.9 lbs .. $12
5+ lbs ... FREE

Shipping to US addresses only.

It is our intent to ship you your coffee within 24 hours of receiving confirmation of payment for the merchandise.

We guarantee our coffee is 100% Kona grown, processed and roasted coffee.  We also guarantee our coffee has been roasted to the level you have specified.  We guarantee we have roasted the coffee and shipped it promptly.


Since we have no control over individual tastes, storage of the coffee after we ship it or how it is prepared for consumption, we do not guarantee your complete satisfaction and do not warrant that the coffee will completely conform to any ideas of the perfect cup of Kona coffee.  If you send us back coffee with problems (at your expense), we will be happy to examine it and determine if, in our sole opinion, it needs to be replaced.  There is no guarantee that we will replace it, which is the sole remedy we offer if you consider there is a problem.

We will be happy to talk with you about any issues you may have with our coffee.  Please call.


All payments will be processed through PayPal, who retains control of that entire process.   We do not accept cash, checks, money orders or anything else for payment than what can be processed through PayPal.

Information on this website

We do not guarantee the accuracy of any information on our website but would love to hear from you about any errors you detect or improvements you would suggest.  Please email us at  info@MonksDelightKonaCoffee.com

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