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Coffee Harvesting Completed

January 2013 -- The 2012 coffee harvest has now been completed.  While the harvest wasn't as large as expected due to a real lack of rain, the trees have matured another year and the beans all looked very good.  This year we have worked hard at preventing the Coffee Bean Borer beetle from becoming established in our fields.  Regular spraying with an approved botanical spray, careful cleaning of the fields during the year -- including picking any and all "raisins" (dried up coffee cherries) during each of the 22 harvests we had -- and a complete stripping of all beans left on the trees on January 11, 2013, leave us in a good position for next year.  During the processing of the coffee beans we harvested, we never saw any signs of the Coffe Bean Borer beetles that are impacting so many of the coffee farms in the Kona District.  We hope this good luck continues.  Our farm is fortunately a good distance away from other farms and there are no feral coffee trees anywhere around us, so prevention, containment and vigilence will, hopefully, keep the little beetles away!
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