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Coffee Harvesting Completed: Fall In Kona

Nov 12, 2016

Fall In Kona

Fall in Hawaii is a bit different

I hope your fall wherever your are Stateside is delightful.  Out here in Hawaii we actually have fall too -- just not so dramatic as yours.  Our days are actually a bit cooler now, a blanket feels good on the bed at night and my plumeria trees -- the blooms of which are used to make leis -- are dropping their leaves getting ready for the winter dormant period.  Apparently it is a tree that got transplanted here from a more temperate zone and it still thinks it should go through an annual leaf dropping.  We have other trees like it that also drop their leaves, but none of them do the dramatic color changes so typical of fall conditions in the upper portions of Stateside.

The coffee harvest is winding down with lots of good coffee stored up ready to be roasted and turned into some delicious Kona coffee.  We have had more rain this year than any year in the past eight and it had made for some very fat and delicious coffee beans.  They've been carefully tended and stored, ready to be roasted and turned into some world-famous Kona coffee for your delectable drinking.

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