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Coffee Harvesting Completed: The Holidays are Here

Dec 8, 2016

The Holidays are Here

Harvest is over. The trees are already blooming for the harvest next year.

The 2016 harvest is finished for Monk's Delight Kona Coffee.  This is the earliest the harvest has finished in the last five years.  The harvest was a good,

Kona Snow in December 2016

but not spectacular, volume -- even all the rains we have had in 2016 did not make the trees produce an extra lot of beans.  This seems to have occurred

all over the Kona region and lots of farmers are disappointed in the yield.


Already, the trees are putting out their first "Kona Snow" of the new season.  We have had some good rains that induced the trees to put out blooms.  So

I wandered out into the field and found just the right tree to decorate with a Christmas bow.  In the background is probably the only Texas State flag flying

in the State of Hawaii.  Of course, it is flying under our Stars and Stripes right up at the top of the flagpole.  In the background that red striped area is the

roof of my home with the blue Pacific out in the background.


For those of you who are interested, you will note the blooms have multiple blossoms at each node.  The coffee beans will develop from the blooms so we

usually have several beans in each clump.  All of the blooms are on the lateral branches of the coffee tree which extend out from the main trunk of the tree.

The tree's leaves are also on the laterals.  All of that means the laterals are really important to the tree and us drinkers of coffee.  The farmer needs to help

by tending the tree in such a way that the laterals get plenty of sunshine, are not overly crowded on the main trunk and don't become diseased or bug in-

fested.  One of the worst things we can have is twig borers, who like to go into the middle of a lateral and eat out the interior of the lateral until it just com-

pletely dries up and dies.  If the infestation is bad enough, the life of the tree can be endangered.  When out in the field, you need to be on the watch for

dead laterals.  You don't just break them off -- no, you break them off and stuff them in a bag or your pocket to take them out of the field so the twig borers

are removed completely from your area.


Now is our time to fertilize and prune our trees so next year's crop will be borne on healthy, happy trees.  The next job will be to chip all the prunings and scatter

the chips around the field to help generate organic tilth.


May your Holidays be Merry and may your New Year be bountiful.                                                                          Jim Monk, Monk's Delight Kona Coffee

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