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Coffee Harvesting Completed: Off on Vacation

Dec 11, 2017

Off on Vacation

Monk's Delight is taking a vacation! We shut down December 13th and will return beginning on December 28th. The best of holidays to everyone!

Monk's Delight Kona Coffee has finished harvesting our 2017 crop, which is all safely stored away for the coming year.  The crop produced a lot of lovely beans that we will turn into high quality roasted coffee as the orders roll in through the year 2018.  Now that the harvest is completed we will start cleaning the trees, pruning and controlling suckers as needed so the next crop will be equally wonderful.  But we have to wait a few weeks to start that process so the trees can rest up from the hard work of producing a crop of fine quality Kona Coffee beans.

And like the trees, Monk's Delight Kona Coffee is going to take off a few weeks to rest and recuperate.  So, beginning after Wednesday, December 13th, we will be shut down for the holidays until December 28th.  This is the first time in over ten years that the business will be shut for a vacation!  Richly deserved, I think.

So may your Holidays be Merry, your meals wonderful and loaded with some fine Monk's Delight Kona Coffee, and your spirits happy.  All the best to you!

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